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Research Group

Opportunities for Graduate and Undergraduate Research

In addition to undergraduate students working with me through the Honors Research Seminar and through Undergraduate Research Fellowships, work on the Manuscript Project is also open to interested undergraduate and graduate students seeking supervision, a committee member, or simply material for original research or exposure to new skill sets suitable for a variety of future paths.

Students interested in working on items in the collection as material for seminar papers, theses, or dissertations should contact Dr. Friedman.  Original material from 1750-1900 is available for students interested in:

women writers
amateur writers
coterie publication and circulation
history of illustration
history of reading
history of genres
multimodal practices
gift practices

Students interested in learning more about transcription, textual editing, TEI encoding, metadata, provenance, bibliography, data visualizations, and the like will find a congenial fellow-traveller in me and my work.

Transcribing at last!
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